After a resounding success in 2017, Estate The Wielewaal will open its gates once more, The Final Edition, for a limited number of guests from 30 August to 23 September.


Estate The Wielewaal

De Wielewaal Invites takes place at the estate The Wielewaal. The Wielewaal, former residence of the Philips family, is located next to Eindhoven.

The history of the estate starts when Anton Philips, founder of the current Philips company, buys a large piece of forest area. He has it set up as an estate completely with beautiful coniferous trees, the so called pinetum. (1912). The pinetum may be admired, amongst other scenes, by our guests during the guided tour over the estate. In 1920 Anton donated a part of the property to the community to build a park: the Philips de Jongh Walking Park. Despite the building of the park, the estate is still as big as Central Park in New York. In the 1930s he built the Philips Fruit Garden. Anton never really lived on the estate. His son Frits who was president of the Philips Company from 1961 to 1971 had a magnificent villa built on the estate in 1934. Frits Philips was, in association with Philips and the lightbulb, the figurehead of Eindhoven for a period of 100 years. Unofficially he was called ‘the King of Eindhoven’. Frits resided at the Wielewaal for about 70 years (with a short interruption during World War Two because the Germans had claimed the estate). Until this day the estate breathes the atmosphere of Frits and his family. After Frits’ death the current owner, the Brouwers family, came in contact with the Philips family. The Brouwers family bought the estate.