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De Wielewaal Invites…

At the request of many people we will open the gates of the Estate The Wielewaal, the former Philips-Estate, one more time,- The Final Edition – especially for you. We will take you on a journey through the past and the future of the Estate The Wielewaal and her residents. This is a unique chance to see the famous and well-known estate with your own eyes.

Your journey begins as soon as you arrive at the gates of the Wielewaal. You will be welcomed by the butlers of the Wielewaal. They will provide you with all the information on the history of the estate. You will take your seat in a golf cart and receive a guided tour. You will be astonished and enjoy the old trees, beautiful views and all the flora and fauna contained at the Wielewaal.

At the end of your journey you will enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner especially composed by a team of chefs. All this will take place in a stylishly decorated pavilion which is placed there uniquely for the occasion and has a beautiful view at the villa. The butlers will escort you to the gates at the end of your lunch or dinner.

After the immense success in 2017, the gates of the Estate The Wielewaal will open one more time, the final edition for a limited number of guests, from 30 August through 23 September. You can enjoy the beauty of this fantastic estate one more time. After that the gates will close forever.


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